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Phil’s Choice

February 22nd, 2015

Phil Hendrie is about to get his eyes opened for the first time in years.  I offered to try to help him but all I got was a one way street of threats and insults.  I have air-tight alibis and he does not like it.  Why?  Because he’ll be proven to be a big gullible blowhard with zero credibility when I’m vindicated.

His real nemesis is still out there.  While I was in basic training, he was posting all over the internet.  So now Phil has my basic training graduation photograph.  Sure, I love my country enough to serve it.  But of course, Phil assumes valor theft in record time.  One does not even need to make a FOIA request:

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4 Responses to “Phil’s Choice”

  1. The Juli

    There are some people who can never admit they erred. I’m afraid Phil may be one of them. Does he still have a radio show?

  2. John Jason Fallows

    Oh, Juli, surely you have heard that Phil Hendrie is infallible… Not sure if he still has a show. Good question!

  3. Marci

    Phil Hendrie found me on Twitter and started saying strange things to me. I didn’t know what he was talking about. Then, a kind person who saw Phil’s tweets to me explained that Phil thinks I’m not me but another person!

    I find this unbelievable. I used to post tweets and retweets to help him by advertising his back stage pass. I did this because I thought the show would stay on if he had the income.

    You can imagine how I felt when he wrote hurtful things to me which I now understand he was under the delusion that I am someone else. I do think it takes a lot of paranoia in Phil’s part to accuse loyal listeners of trying to hurt him somehow. It’s mind-boggling.

    Phil, if you’re out there, get yourself some help pal. You lost a past BSP holder.

  4. John Jason Fallows

    Awesome Marci. The more people who confront the lunatic, perhaps the sooner he will stop. I am sorry you were victimized by that maniac. You hit him in the pocket book.

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